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Core Drilling Melbourne

Circular holes for the electrical, plumbing and building industries

Core Drilling provides a means of cutting precise circular holes for all electrical and plumbing work as well as a variety of other services and applications.

Advanced Sawing & Drilling is also one of the few suppliers in Australia who uses the minnich air drill for certain projects. The Minnich air drill is a pneumatic drill for dowel bar and can drill up to 38mm diameter x 900mm depth. This is a fast and efficient core dilling method when large quantities are required for dowling into the sides of concrete slabs [watch video to see more.

For plumbers, electricians and general construction personnel looking for a partner in Melbourne that you can entrust your core drilling requirement, then contact Advanced Sawing & Drilling team now.

Pneumatic Dry Drilling by Advanced Sawing & Drilling is a custom, specialised service offered as a quick, high volume process for large scale projects.

Compared to regular core drilling this process has the capacity to core drill for high quantity starter bars in less time. This video shows the pneumatic dry drilling process on recent project: Widening M80 Freeway, Melbourne.