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Concrete Scanning Melbourne (GPR) Services

We use the latest technology in Concrete Scanning. Whether you want to cut, saw, core or drill any concrete structure, it is imperative to determine what you are about to cut into. Avoid any potential damage to the concrete structure and/or underground cables, pipes and other structures by using GPR radar (concrete scanning as it is commonly known) with Advanced Sawing.

Our qualified technicians use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate metallic and non-metallic conduits; to detect the presence and extent of voids in the sub-grade of the concrete floor in addition to the structural integrity of the concrete itself. Our GPR equipment can also measure concrete slab thickness and below the surface voids located in concrete and sink holes.

Concrete scanning using GPR also makes it possible to identify a variety of utilities including:

Large fiber optic lines                                      Water boxes
Plastic or PVC conduits                                   Metallic and non-metallic objects
Cables and wires                                               Concrete pipes
Post Tension (PT) cables                                Septic tanks and systems

The scanning equipment can locate HV power to a depth of 500mm, and VP power to a depth of 1m.

Our team at Advanced Sawing & Drilling have experience with infrastructure, commercial and industrial projects across Melbourne and greater Victoria. Within our concrete scanning services (using GPR) we can evaluate walls, floors and footings; identify reinforcing, cracking to determine the slab and asphalt layer thickness as well as steel content and cable placement.

Advanced Sawing & Drilling’s equipment is state of the art and poses no health hazards to any personnel on site.  Our team operate a safe and reliable service for all your concrete scanning and locating purposes.

If you are planning to cut, drill, demolish, core or need to find underground services, be sure to contact the Advanced Sawing & Drilling team for a service that is efficient, professional and reliable.

Concrete Scanning Melbourne