Deep Coring & Wire Sawing

Frankston Hospital

About the project

The Advanced Sawing team were called in to help Cochram Builders with a delicate removal of old concrete footing, as part of the upgrade to the Frankston Public Hospital and new Emergency Department.

This was a delicate project, as all of the concrete cutting and removal happened in a very confined space. We were effectively working underneath the existing building, removing large slabs of concrete and and concrete footings. Our services included delicate and complex wire sawing, deep core drilling and hydraulic bursting.

We worked closely with the Cochrams’ team and for a two month period had a member of our team on site every day.

The end result.

On the 17th February, 2015, the $80.9 million Stage 3 development of Frankston Hospital with  92 new beds and a much needed new Emergency Department to the hospital opened. The new Emergency Department is located underneath the new wards and contains 49 general treatment cubicles, 4 treatment areas as well as an additional 28 specialised beds and specialist treatment rooms and consultation areas. It also has brand new state of the art facilities, strategically designed to ensure better patient flow and shorter waiting times.

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