Wall Sawing & Concrete Cutting


About the project

Recently, the Advanced Sawing & Drilling team went to Tumut, New South Wales to work on a complex concrete cut and removal project. The project was at a paper mill and involved the wall sawing of concrete beams into three tonne and nine tonne concrete blocks. All the while a crane was holding the beams in place whilst we did our work. Each plinth required 1200mm cut and all had to be completed within a week. As we are one of the few Australian providers of wire sawing services nationally, we are often called on for this kind of work. And relish the opportunity to work with our clients on these kind of projects!

One of our team, Chris took this youtube video of the cutting of the 120omm wire saw. For those that like concrete, or appreciate the skill involved in then this wire sawing project  is pretty amazing!

Should you have a wire sawing project, or something that is considered complex and requires specific equipment operated by highly skilled experts, then contact us to discuss your requirements