Crane Removal

Crane Removal RMIT

About the project

The $220 million RMIT Redevelopment Project commenced approximately 18 months ago, with Advanced Sawing & Drilling Pty Ltd assisting the Project Managers: Lend Lease Building Pty Ltd and Contractor: Delta Demolition Pty Ltd with major structural cutting and coring works.

With the project nearing completion, Advanced Sawing was called upon in mid-December 2016 to look at a crane base that had to be removed over the Christmas holidays.  Conventional demolition of the crane base was not possible due to the fact that internal walls had been placed around the base, making the use of large machinery impossible.  The only access was via a double door just big enough to allow a fork lift through.

The base measured 4m by 4m by 710mm deep, was heavily reinforced with 38mm reo bars placed 100mm apart in a typical cage formation, with four RSJ erection mounts placed in each corner.

After considering the lifting capacity of the fork lift, Advanced Sawing decided the base would need to be wire sawn horizontally in half then flush cut with the existing concrete floor.  A road saw would then be placed on top of the base to cut it into 1m x 1m waste blocks.

Works commenced on 5th January and were completed by 10th January.  Each wire saw cut took approximately 14 hours to complete, with the cutting and removal process being done over the next three days.  After many discussions, The Tyrolit Australia’s SK-SD wire saw unit was chosen as the preferred machine, with a Husqvarna Australia’s Diesel FS 4800 road saw used to cut the base into waste blocks.  Due to the steel content, Tyrolit DWS***S wire was preferred for the application.

Even with the extremely short notice for commencement of the works required, especially being just before the Christmas break, Advanced Sawing was able to organize operators for the works and mobilize the equipment required.  Works were completed in a timely manner, leaving our clients fully aware of our versatility and experience.