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Flush Cutting

Flush Cutting is a expert service offered by the Advanced Sawing team. We use highly specialised equipment, and are one of the few concrete cutting companies in Victoria (if not Australia) that have access to this specialty equipment. Our machines can cut up to 200m thick on any surface that is considered to be flush. That is, flat surfaces where cutting in straight lines are required. Areas including walls, floors, roads can all be easily cut using our flush cutting machines.

Flash cutting2

One of our machines can cut in straight lines (flush surfaces) of between 400m and 1100m and cut as deep as 200mm. Therefore replacing the need for jack hammers and other bulky equipment. Some wall saws can also cut flush, and some can even cut up to 500m however wall saws typically take longer to set up and therefore projects can take longer to complete. With our flushing cutting equipment and services, the Advanced Sawing team can save your project time, stakeholder inconvenience and even money!

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