RMIT Refurbishment

About the project

Advanced Sawing were approached to assist in the refurbishment of RMIT. Specialising in concrete cutting around Melbourne and Victoria, we were pleased to be involved with this highly reputable education facility. Especially as some of our clients, friends and family had completed their education at RMIT over the journey!

The Project

The refurbishment of RMIT is what we consider to be a total refurbishment. Full buildings and facilities are being upgraded and re configured. Our role has seen one of the Advanced team on site full time at present. Cutting slabs, coring holes and general wall sawing and wet sawing activities. The slabs and coring are to assist with the rollout of plumbing and other infrastructure requirements as well as creating entrance areas, building infrastructure and general reinforcement of inside and outside walls.

With this project our team have had to work around lectures and school hours. Therefore a lot of work has been done at night. Keeping noise to a minimum has been a challenge for our team. As such we have used road saws with special blades to muffle the noise and reduce the impact on neighboring buildings and RMIT teachers and students.


The RMIT refurbishment is expected to be completed in 2017 and will feature a revamp of the Swanston street facia as well as the garden building wing (complete with a large vertical garden!)