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RMIT Refurbishment

Advanced Sawing were approached to assist in the refurbishment of RMIT. Specialising in concrete cutting around Melbourne and Victoria, we were pleased to be involved with this highly reputable education facility.


Recently, the Advanced Sawing & Drilling team went to Tumut, New South Wales to work on a complex concrete cut and removal project.

Frankston Hospital

The Advanced Sawing team were called in to help Cochram Builders with a delicate removal of old concrete footing, as part of the upgrade to the Frankston Public Hospital and new Emergency Department.

Australia On Collins

Long time partner Delta Constructions, seconded our team’s services to help them remove concrete slabs as part of the 570 Collins refurbishment.

Tiger Tower

Delta Demolition Group, entrusted the Advanced Sawing team with the concrete dismantle and break down part of the project.

Project Rialto

The removal of the notable concrete pillars at Melbourne’s iconic Rialto Towers started in earnest in October 2015. It is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Concrete Cutting Melbourne
Crane Removal RMIT

The $220 million RMIT Redevelopment Project commenced approximately 18 months ago, with Advanced Sawing & Drilling Pty Ltd assisting the Project Managers: Lend Lease Building Pty Ltd and Contractor: Delta Demolition Pty Ltd with major structural cutting and coring works.