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flat sawing

Advanced Sawing are the ultimate professionals in all forms of concrete flat sawing. Commonly referred to as road sawing in Australia,flat sawing is a term used in the Northern hemisphere and is the workhorse of most concrete cutting jobs or projects.

How? Flat sawing is typically used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, and concrete pavements. Also called slab sawing, flat sawing use equipment that feature a prescion diamond blade is mounted on walk behind machine that is usually supervised by one operator. Flat saws can cut up to 24″ in depth.

Our team operates the most advanced technology to Melbourne and greater Victoria and have a large range of equipment suitable for cutting surfaces such as concrete slabs, bridge decks, demolition driveways, suspended slabs and all road surfaces up to a depth of 650mm.

We also have self driven flat saws are available to work on even the biggest projects from new road ways to widening existing works like Melbourne’s M80 Ring Road. Our Flat Sawing machinery includes diesel saws, petrol and 3 phase electric.
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